Fire up the Braai, invite your friends over and get ready for a big night in!!!

Braai Butterfly Chicken

  • Remove the neck from the body and trim away fat along the cavity
  • To remove the backbone, turn the chicken upside down so the back is facing up and the drumsticks point towards you.  Then use scissors to cut along the back bone on both sides.  Remove the backbone completely
  • Remove any excess fat found in and around the carcass
  • Rinse thoroughly under running water to clean and pat dry
  • Put the chicken down skin-side-up and point the wings towards the legs
  • Baste with your favourite spicy seasoning
  • Place chicken on medium coals for 40-50 minutes.  Yum

Call us to have your custom design Braai, any shape, any size, made ready for Spring.

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