Blue Breeze Inn Furniture

Blue Breeze Inn Furniture

Bench Seat with Stools and Drinks Tables

Custom made outdoor furniture for the entrance of the Blue Breeze Inn at Ponsonby Central, Steel frames with Iroko timber slats on bench seat and Iroko stool and table tops.

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Art Deco Firescreen

Art Deco Firescreen

Handmade fire screen featuring geometric Art Deco period details.  Another example of hand forged iron work.

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Store in Store

Constructed using 25 x 25 angle iron, these substantial picture window frames make a statement at the front entrance of the Timothy Oulton “Store in Store” at Dawsons Furniture, Mairangi Bay.

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The Tasting Room

Furniture, gates and window grills installed at The Tasting Room on Sandringham Road Auckland.   As well as providing a first class coffee fix, Vivace Espresso also has a Barista training school up and running.

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copper door

Copper Door

Recent installation job at BurgerFuel.

Substantial Copper and Steel door with steel surround installed at front entrance to HQ in Auckland.   As it’s starting to weather, the patina is already beginning to age.

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Our front gates are on the move and so are we!

Watch this space and we will let you know when we are set up in our new premises and how you can find us



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Designer Deco Doors

Art deco design inserts for entrance doors provide stunning visual impact to complete this stucco art deco renovation.

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New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Bespoke piece of Koru artwork.

Koru resemble the spiral shape of an unfurling silver fern frond, symbolising new life, growth, strength and peace.

Contact Ironcraft to discuss the manufacture of your own unique work of art.

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Fire up the Braai, invite your friends over and get ready for a big night in!!!

Braai Butterfly Chicken

  • Remove the neck from the body and trim away fat along the cavity
  • To remove the backbone, turn the chicken upside down so the back is facing up and the drumsticks point towards you.  Then use scissors to cut along the back bone on both sides.  Remove the backbone completely
  • Remove any excess fat found in and around the carcass
  • Rinse thoroughly under running water to clean and pat dry
  • Put the chicken down skin-side-up and point the wings towards the legs
  • Baste with your favourite spicy seasoning
  • Place chicken on medium coals for 40-50 minutes.  Yum

Call us to have your custom design Braai, any shape, any size, made ready for Spring.

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Ponsonby Central Market

Ponsonby Central Market

Distinctive, Designer Doors
Hot, Handmade Handles
Sharp, Superior Signage

Doors, handles, balustrades, handrails, gates, mirrors, signage, security grills all supplied by IRONCRAFT for Ponsonby Central Market.  Check them out at

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